About St. Anthony Parish

Growing and sharing the good news of Jesus, we the people of St. Anthony Church, a Roman Catholic Parish of the Diocese of Las Cruces share and proclaim the good news of Jesus.  As a Parish we love to live and share the message of Jesus where each member shares with each other the message of love, peace and joy.

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A special message from Fr. Francis. Pastoral Letter

1st Annual Knights of Columbus

Twelve Days of Christmas Raffle

We apologize for the inconvenience of not posting the winners sooner!

December  1: Derek Burchfield

December 2: Joseph Cdebaca

December 3: Shannelle Forister

December 4: Carmen Kelly

December 5: Dina Brindeiro

December 6: Antonio Gomez

December 7: Michael Figueroa

December 8: Emily Reay

December 9: Chandler Covault

December 10: Rosie Sanchez

December 11: Glenda Gideon

December 12: Ida Ornelas


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Congratulations to St. Anthony Confirmation Class of 2019!  We are very proud of the young adults in Christ you all have become and we look forward to our spiritual journey together!  Thank you Most Reverend Bishop Gerald Kicanas, Nora, Fr. Francis and Deacon Tony!


American Flag

Please remember in your prayers our servicemen and servicewomen, and their families, who are serving our military.

And also our First Responders, and their families, who keep us safe every day!


Parish News

Christmas & New Year Mass Schedule

Christmas Eve:

Youth Mass @ 5:30 pm

 Christmas Carols @ 11:30 pm

      Midnight Mass @ 12:00 am

Christmas Day: 

9:00 am Mass

New Years’ Eve:

Adoration– 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Mass @ 7:00 pm

New Year’s Day:

9:00 am Mass

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